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Reach up to 98% utilization by offering up your services on the free and open economy. Register an account today in just a few clicks.

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P2Pseller allows literally anyone with spare space to offer it up on the open e-commerce market. Add your storage space, fulfillment center or warehouse to a decentralized, democratic network and bring in new business at zero extra cost to you.

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Enter your warehouse data

Enter your warehouse data such as location and contact information to see your services show up in filtered search results. We make a point of offering all information up front, so make sure to give as many specifications as possible!

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Select additional services

Is your building temperature-controlled? Do you provide repacking? Select your offerings from our list of warehouse services, supplies, and activities so customers who are looking for something extra special are led right to your door.

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Show it all off

Proud of your setup? Show it off! Upload pictures of your facility so customers can get a visual of where their products will be fulfilled. If you have special equipment, certifications, or anything else eye-catching, be sure to add photos of those, as well!

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Select available space date

When are you available? Use our convenient calendar function to select the dates in which you’re accessible for business so we can make sure to get you in our management system and on our list of available warehouses.

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Enter space, location, and preference data

How much room do you have available? What kinds of customers or products are you best equipped to deal with? How many locations do you have, and where are they located? All important information to have to ensure we can get you as many new customers as possible.

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Your warehouse is ready to go!

You’re all set! It’s a snap to optimize your facility and reach up to 98% utilization by partnering with us. Promote your company and bring in new business at zero additional cost to you. Register your account today.

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