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Shopify powers millions of businesses across the globe and boasts services ranging from inventory management to assistance with SEO. Support for multiple payment methods is available, ensuring convenience for your customers. Integration with Shopify’s app or website is an excellent way to boost your business’s reach and profitability.
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What Shopify can do for you
Shopify supports tracking your stock and prevents customers from ordering goods that aren’t currently available. What’s more, it’s easy to set your shipping prices to ensure the best of both cost and punctuality. Products can also be grouped by category, size, color, and so on to make sure your buyers don’t have to waste valuable time looking for something specific. Integration of your P2Pseller account with Shopify’s fulfillment and inventory services only help to streamline these already great features.
Direct Integration
Integrating your P2Pseller account with Shopify’s services is a snap. With just a few clicks, your fulfillment and shipping operates seamlessly with each new order, with zero stress and zero phone calls. With everything on the back end taken care of, that gives you valuable extra time to focus on the parts of your business that need your attention the most.
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