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ASW Global, LLC
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3375 Gilchrist Rd

Warehouse feature: ASW Global in Gilchrist, Ohio

If you’re looking for solutions in the Midwest and have need of a warehouse Gilchrist company ASW is an excellent fulfillment partner whose merchandise fulfillment service will ensure that everything is handled quickly and efficiently from the moment your products are received to the second they’re delivered. The ASW warehouse is conveniently located in FTZ 181 (within the one-day delivery zone of 60% of the US market), in Northern Ohio, meaning it’s far easier to access the vast majority of US and Canadian markets. Both US and international companies have the opportunity to reduce import fees and tariffs significantly by partnering with ASW.

ASW is an expert on balancing the needs of the consumer vs customer. Their engineered labor standards boost efficiency and make sure the product reaches the end consumer at a brisk pace while also cutting costs for you, the customer. Expertly utilizing a mean warehouse space of 500,000 square feet allocated between a number of global partners, they leverage their 35 years of experience to store, pick, and pack your merchandise with care.

Aside from the traditional pick/pack/ship, ASW also offers services such as light assembly work, recycling, reverse logistics, and inventory management. This takes more things off your plate so you can be sure to have the time and energy necessary to focus on the parts of your business that make you most excited to get up in the morning.

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