Warehouse technology is booming, but the industry is stagnant

By Oleg Mikhailenko
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May 19, 2022
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Warehouse technology is booming, but the industry is stagnant

You might not know if you’re not up to date with warehouse technology trends, but the automated order fulfillment system is helping companies smash sales goals and break new ground in terms of efficiency even in the midst of a global pandemic and the associated decay of the global supply chain. If you own an ecommerce business, you undoubtedly have orders in fulfillment at this very moment, meaning that order fulfillment automation and fulfillment technologies are something that no doubt affect your bottom line. Fulfillment technology can bring down order fulfillment costs, streamline fulfillment processes, and generally make everyone’s day a whole lot nicer. So it makes sense to have a baseline awareness and knowledge of what it is and how it works.

One of the most common ways to automate order fulfillment is to integrate your shop directly with your warehousing partner. This means that whenever an order is placed on your website, the data is automatically sent through the internet to the facility where it can be picked, packed, and shipped in short order. Amazon, Shopify, and other major ecommerce outlets can all be integrated in this way, saving valuable time that might otherwise be spent manually porting orders from platform to platform.

Another exciting venture shines a spotlight on machine learning in the warehouse setting. It’s now possible to predict and adjust for natural patterns of supply and demand, making it far less likely for regular dips or spikes in customer demand to take you by surprise. Instead, your manufacturing and stock can be automatically nudged one way or another meaning that you’ll never have too many or too few items on hand. Still other forms of technology can draw conclusions from previous instances of cause and effect. If an event in the past caused a dip in sales, this technology can predict a similar dip in sales assuming the same sort of event happens in the future.

A more physical manifestation of technological advancement is the presence of robots in the warehouse. Although the vast majority of companies have yet to implement these machines in their facilities, studies show that over 80% of companies have either considered bringing them online or are actively making plans to purchase them. Although many people worry that these machines may eliminate jobs, it’s actually the case that robots work alongside human pickers, performing the jobs that might otherwise be too difficult or damaging for their flesh and blood counterparts.

All this innovation has a measurable effect on you, the merchant- it brings the order fulfillment cost down. Way down. Efficiency means more can be done with less, and fewer wrenches get stuck in the proverbial gears. Unfortunately, despite all this innovation in terms of technological advancements, the industry itself is still stagnant. So many companies still rely on paper forms, phone calls, and (horror of horrors) even faxes. This is a market in desperate need of revolutionary action.

Enter P2Pseller. We’re committed to bringing about the ecommerce revolution by way of a democratic, decentralized marketplace of warehousing and logistics companies. We believe that the more options our customers have, the better choices they can make for themselves and their businesses, rather than being forced to go with businesses that refuse to innovate because they think they don’t have to. We’re ecstatic to help you grow your business and smash sales goals quarter after quarter. Register a free account today to browse all our offerings for free, with zero commitment required.


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