Top Priorities: warehouse safety

By Oleg Mikhailenko
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June 08, 2022
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Top Priorities: warehouse safety

For anyone working in a physically demanding industry, security is a number one priority. Construction sites, farms, and oil rigs all have specialized rules in place to ensure the health of the workers. Warehouse safety guidelines are no exception. Moving large boxes from place to place, operating sorting machinery, and even the act of moving from point A to point B on potentially cluttered or slippery floors can pose hazards if risks aren’t properly managed. Because of this, warehouse safety procedures are something that every facility operator should have at the forefront of their mind. But how do you ensure workplace warehouse safety, and what are the OSHA requirements for warehouse settings?

General warehouse rules and regulations

The distribution industry can be hazardous for the careless or ignorant. But with proper know-how and precautions, you can minimize the risk as much as possible. OSHA has laid out a number of warehouse safety rules to make sure everything runs as safely and efficiently as possible. Here’s a few you should consider.

First of all, one of the most important points in any warehouse safety manual is that you should keep your facility as well-ventilated as possible. Without adequate airflow it’s easy for harmful vapors to build up and cause dizziness, distraction, and long-term harm. Oxygen is important for properly-functioning brains, so see to it that your workers get enough!

Second of all, in order to ensure maximum safety warehouse hours should be limited. This doesn’t mean that you can’t operate 24 hours a day if that’s what’s best for your business. But it does mean that workers shouldn’t be slogging through intensive 12-hour shifts. 8 or even 6 hour shifts are best to reduce exhaustion and related injuries or incidents.

Third, staff your facility properly. Although it may seem like lean staffing can save you money in the short term, you’ll waste money in the long run by having to deal with high turnover, retraining, and compensation due to injuries. It’s better safe than sorry!

Warehouse rules for employees

Of course, the facility owner isn’t the only one responsible for safety in the warehouse. Employees also need to do their part to make sure that the work environment is a safe and healthy one. This not only means abiding to traditional, common-sense warehouse rules such as making sure to wear suitable footwear and not roughhousing near dangerous equipment, but also making sure to uphold strict discipline in security. Tag-in tag-out procedures do a lot to avoid theft or unauthorized entry. Proper attire reduces injuries. Adhering to training on how to work in hot or cold temperatures reduces incidences of heat exhaustion or hypothermia. Make sure to wear hard hats, non-slip shoes, and other safety equipment for warehouse settings.

Safety in warehouse settings

Safewarehouse best practices are not only just guidelines. They’re the law. Alongside other authoritative bodies both within and without the government, OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, makes sure workers are protected, warehouse safety equipment is up to standard, and warehouse safety rules are followed. It’s capable of levying fines, penalties, and even shutting a business down. But this regulatory agency is not your enemy, nor should it be viewed as antagonistic. Rather, it wants to make sure that your facility is a healthy work environment. By committing to safety warehouse companies can do right by their employees, their company, and the community at large.

In conclusion

Secure operations should be a top priority for any facility operator, especially in the modern day now that we have a couple hundred years of industrialized labor to look back on and learn from. Although ecommerce is experiencing a boom thanks in part to the global pandemic, the incidence of workplace injury has climbed as well. Workers are working harder, over longer hours, and it’s taking a toll. We here at P2Pseller believe that we can do good business without costing workers their good health. Through supporting the decentralization of fulfillment, we can redistribute business and contracts to smaller, community-minded operations, forcing the big ecommerce companies to compete for employees through providing awesome working conditions. Register a free account with us today to join the revolution by uploading your own facility. We’re happy to find you customers that will help you reach your goals faster than ever before.


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