The P2Pseller Competitors (Or What Makes P2Pseller Truly Unique)

By Oleg Mikhailenko
Published in Competitors
March 10, 2022
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The P2Pseller Competitors (Or What Makes P2Pseller Truly Unique)

By channeling the power of the shared economy P2Pseller will radically modernize the e-commerce related warehousing, fulfillment and distribution industry, allowing it to scale in tune with the market’s massive growth. This will be done without forcing the market to build a massive quantity of gigantic and environmentally harmful warehouses, which many before now considered to be a necessary part of doing business.

However, there’s an extremely important question that has to be addressed: Is what P2Pseller’s offering truly unique?

Although numerous competitors have identified the potential of the e-commerce market, none of them are currently fully embracing or entirely understanding the true benefits or even the philosophy of a shared-economy approach to this problem. There are literally hundreds of companies offering e-commerce focused conventional warehousing or fulfillment services. Airhouse, Deliverr, ShipHero, ShipMonk and ShipWire are only a few examples.

Many of these companies are either using their own one or two warehouses, or have developed a small network of independent providers they use to keep things running. However, most are focused on one major geographical area only, with the United States more heavily saturated than other, potentially faster-growing, countries and markets. A few companies are talking about being a part of the sharing economy, however Millennials and Generation Z don’t want to fill in a form and wait for someone to get back to them. We live in a faster, more immediate age. Nobody has time for the traditional way of organizing fulfillment services.

Then there’s companies such as Flexe, Flowspace, and Ware2Go, some of which are part of the already established network, owned by already household names. They seemingly act as brokers to a larger network of warehouses with varying amounts of visibility. However, the core issue is that there is no immediate access to cost information, warehouse locations, or service options without filling in a form on their website and waiting for more information. Which, once again, many people simply aren’t willing to wait for.

Combine that with the fact that according to reports, the incidence of workplace injuries is higher than our competitors might claim or report, and it becomes clear that another solution is needed.

The beauty of many of the most successful existing shared economy applications is the immediate and transparent access they offer to their services, very often without the need to complete a lengthy registration process. Need a ride? Simply download the Uber or Lyft app, and within seconds, you can check the cost and availability of your ride. No waiting and no need to track down the number of a local cab company. This same approach can be applied to the e-commerce warehousing, distribution and fulfillment market, with growing e-sellers able to peruse their varying options via the P2Pseller website and app. This is all without having to wait, and without the threat of being given the hard sell by a salesperson as soon as you have provided your e-mail address and telephone number.

It should be noted that some companies do seem to have truly embraced and understood the benefit that a true shared economy approach provides. OLIMP, oneVASTwarehouse, and Stockspots are a few examples, and to them we tip our hats. But even in these cases, their geographic reach seems to be extremely limited, and there is a lack of e-commerce focus with no obvious integrations available in order to automate the sales process. P2Pseller can be applied to any geographic market, with a truly globalized approach easily repeatable given simple localized modifications. All in order to better suit the shifting demographics and market demands. We consider that to be pretty unique, in our book!


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Oleg Mikhailenko

Co-Founder, CEO P2Pseller

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