People (The Other Missing Resource in the Growing E-Commerce Market)

By Oleg Mikhailenko
Published in People
August 24, 2020
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People (The Other Missing Resource in the Growing E-Commerce Market)

The massive growth in the e-commerce market is predicted to create a demand for over six billion more square feet (five hundred and fifty million square meters) of warehouse and storage space globally between now and 2025.

Of this six billion at least one billion will be needed in the United States alone.

Although the physical storage space itself is the most obvious resource that will be required during this period, one other element that is inherently linked and cannot be overlooked are the people needed to operate and manage those warehouses and other storage locations. This growth in demand will require millions of additional employees and in a post pandemic environment the ability to find these people cost effectively will be a challenge, especially in developed nations that are currently experiencing seismic changes in how people want to work and how they look for that work. Although the extremely large e-commerce sellers such as Amazon are investing significantly in the automation of their warehouses, the “human resource” is still an integral part of the e-commerce supply chain with even the most highly automated of these facilities still requiring thousands of workers to operate successfully.

P2Pseller will facilitate the modernization of the warehousing industry in bringing “gig-economy” style employment to the sector. Just as other industries, such as Uber with ride-sharing and Instacart for on-demand grocery shopping, have been revolutionized via a shared economy approach, the warehousing and storage market can now benefit from the same philosophy. The next generation of employees want to work when it’s convenient for them and not necessarily on a fixed schedule. Similarly they want to be able to promote all their skills and not be categorized based on a single skill set.

P2Pseller will allow individuals with a wide range of skills to make themselves available to potential employers at the location of their choosing

on an hour by hour, day by day or week by week basis via the app and website.

As well as listing their basic availability these workers will truly be multi-faceted human resources who can set their own rates and promote all of their attributes to those looking for help. In return an online reputation will be created for every person promoting their skills to allow only the best and most conscientious people to stand out and to allow them to promote their responsibility and honesty via prior employer reviews and ratings.

P2Pseller will help with the supply of general labor to help unload trucks and containers through to more specialized roles such as temporary fork-lift drivers, warehouse managers and health and safety consultants. Need a bi-lingual warehouse supervisor for two weeks to cover a vacation, then check the app for free to see who is available at what that person will cost you for that period without the worry and cost associated with formally employing them.

With the pandemic accelerating market demand, yet making the management of employees increasingly challenging,

P2Pseller will allow all sizes of warehousing and storage providers the flexibility to manage their business cost effectively yet highly flexibly in order to meet the ever growing demands of the consumer.


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Oleg Mikhailenko

Co-Founder, CEO P2Pseller

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