How to save money on overnight shipping

By Oleg Mikhailenko
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June 08, 2022
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How to save money on overnight shipping

The jury is in. We’re officially living in a post-Amazon world, where ecommerce customers demand faster and more efficient shipping, and as cheaply as possible. When the baseline expectation nowadays is free two-day shipping, any merchant who offers something even quicker is a merchant whose customer base is going to grow exponentially. As a result, sellers are scrambling over each other looking for the fastest delivery service they can afford. And what is overnight delivery but quick and efficient? Read on to discover the ins and outs of one of the quickest delivery methods available, and how you could utilize it effectively in your business.

How does overnight shipping work?

So long as you deliver your package before the cutoff time, couriers offering priority overnight make full use of their robust transportation and distribution networks to move your parcel from Point A to Point B by the end of the following business day. Best results come from widespread and far-reaching networks that spread across the country, facilitating seamless transfer across facilities, planes, and trucks.

How much is overnight shipping?

Even the cheapest overnight shipping isn’t necessarily a small expense. For comparatively cheap shipping options, though, USPS is generally your best bet when it comes to any parcel under two pounds. Their Priority Mail Express flat rate envelopes work wonderfully for anything that fits into them, netting you the cheap shipping rates and fast turnaround time you were looking for. Even in regards to parcels over two pounds, the USPS overnight cost is still competitive in comparison to other couriers, meaning they’re still worth the consideration.

If you don’t use flat rate, however, the calculations become a bit more complicated. The overnight shipping cost is influenced by all sorts of factors, such as the dimensions of the package in question (larger or unusually-shaped packages are naturally going to cost more), the weight of the parcel (most postage is paid by weight), and the number of shipping zones your box needs to travel through. This last point is especially pertinent. A delivery passing through three shipping zones costs far more to send than one passing through two or even just one. That’s the reason why strategically-placed fulfillment centers are a must for any courier network, so that they can make sure to keep costs down for both themselves and their customers.

Is there a way to make sure to get the best overnight shipping prices every time?

If you’re a high-volume shipper, you can often find ways to reduce costs by signing an agreement with a courier and logistics company. In exchange for routing all your shipments through them, you can edge out key discounts that take a decent percentage off of your costs and pad your bottom line. But what if you’re just starting out and don’t have a sufficient amount of monthly orders to sustain the kind of high-volume output these services would demand in exchange for a price reduction? Don’t worry. P2Pseller’s got your back. By registering and partnering with us, you have the option of using our accounts that we maintain with all three major US courier companies and therefore taking advantage of our pre-existing discounts. This means that no matter how many packages you ship per month, or even if you’re just starting out, you’re able to deliver cheaper without the stress of maintaining a minimum order volume you don’t yet have the means to maintain.

In conclusion

Even though customer expectations in regards to shipping times are getting stricter and stricter, there are solutions available to make sure you deliver in time without breaking the bank. We here at P2Pseller would be ecstatic to have you on board for the ecommerce revolution so you’re able to take full advantage of our discounts and bring about a better, more decentralized market for years to come.


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