Ebay’s seller hub: what you need to know

By Oleg Mikhailenko
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August 01, 2022
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Ebay’s seller hub: what you need to know

Merchants are always looking for new marketplaces to sell on. They’re such easy and simple options- in exchange for a small listing fee and perhaps a cut of the product price, sellers have access to a wide variety of customers who browse the marketplace in search of a one stop shopping solution. In fact, many vendors owe their initial success to marketplaces before they can scale enough to build brand recognition of their own.

Selling on Ebay, in essence, can be a lot like selling through Amazon’s FBM program. You get the ability to list your products on Ebay’s marketplace, at the cost of a small fee and the promise to do all the fulfillment coordination yourself. For small merchants that might just be packing orders on your kitchen table or in your garage. For people beginning to scale, a 3PL is likely to be involved. All of these orders, however, must go through Ebay’s merchant-side portal: the Ebay seller hub.

What is the seller hub on Ebay?

Think of it as your one-stop shop for all things selling on the marketplace. Through the hub Ebay allows merchants to view order status, mark things as shipped, and change the prices or availability of their listings. This negates the need for an external order management software, allowing the Ebay seller hub app or website to be the main point of contact. The Ebay seller’s hub is intuitive and easy to use, with most things able to be accomplished in only a couple of clicks.

Why sell with Ebay instead of Amazon FBA?

First, there’s the matter of where to buy products to sell on Amazon FBA. Amazon may not accept certain products that they consider to be unwieldy, of non-standard size, or not profitable to pick, pack, and ship. If you deal primarily with this type of merchandise, you may feel out of luck.

Secondly, sellers are asked to provide four weeks of cover so merchandise can be evenly distributed across warehouses. This makes sure customers all over the country are seated comfortably within the Prime 2-day delivery range. However, their calculations of four weeks of cover may not actually be representative of the actual figures, leaving you feeling disconnected from the fulfillment process.

Lastly, if you’re selling through FBA, it makes the matter of scaling your operations to other selling channels more difficult. If you want to open up a storefront on Shopify, Ebay, or even your own dedicated store, it can be a hassle to set up all the necessary fulfillment operations from scratch. Meanwhile, when you’re already going the FBM or seller hub Ebay path, that infrastructure exists to begin with.

Will dropping Amazon FBA hurt your business?

Not necessarily. As long as you can promise two-day shipping, the stats show that 80% of prime shoppers are just as likely to buy a FBA product as a non-FBA product. When you choose fulfillment yourself, however, you have more control over custom packaging, the care taken with your items, and choosing custom-tailored solutions that make the most sense for your business. There’s even ways to arrange for certain types of dropshipping, if you’re looking for how to sell on Amazon or Ebay without inventory. The world becomes your oyster.

In conclusion

Ebay offers a robust and intuitive seller platform that’s comparable to Amazon FBM and can reach just as many customers. No matter which option you choose, P2Pseller has your back when it comes to booking warehousing, logistics, and transportation services that won’t break the bank. We allow small companies to find equal footing with regional and national giants, meaning you’re able to find the best solutions possible for your unique business needs and see all costs and fees totally in advance. We’d love to have you on board for the ecommerce revolution so you can grow your business bigger and better than ever before.


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