Drop off your boxes while running errands with FedEx

By Oleg Mikhailenko
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May 13, 2022
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Drop off your boxes while running errands with FedEx

One of the most (frankly annoying) things new merchants have to contend with is the sending of orders for shipping. Just imagine. You work hard all day to design your products, have them manufactured, and promote your business so you can gather more loyal customers. It’s hard to find the time to drive out with a trunk full of boxes and have them shipped out at your local courier. Enter FedEx drop off.

What is FedEx drop box?

A FedEx drop off package is exactly what it says on the tin. First, you generate and print a shipping label at home. Then, over the course of running your normal errands for the day, you can make your way to a CVS FedEx drop off point and send your packages out conveniently and without long waiting times. Tracking numbers and updates will be automatically generated and you’ll receive notifications to your account if some sort of delivery exception crops up, meaning you don’t have to worry.

What does FedEx delivery exception mean?

A delivery exception is when some event prevents timely completion of the shipping process such as an accident, inclement weather, or a breakdown of machinery. These things are out of anyone’s active control, but still need to be reported to make sure both you as the merchant and your customer awaiting their package are fully informed as to where it is at all times.

Will you receive a receipt?

The FedEx drop off receipt is something you’ll receive electronically when you create your shipping label, and then you’ll be notified again when the fulfillment process has begun. Rest assured that you’ll be informed at every point in the process, from the second your parcel is scanned at the intake facility to the second it’s dropped on your customer’s doorstep.

We’re lucky to live in a time where innovation is going at a breakneck pace. Fulfillment has been a stagnant industry for too long, but new, convenient services like these deposit boxes are beginning to show up at unprecedented rates. P2Pseller is ecstatic to help bring about the ecommerce revolution by helping you book other time-saving services custom-built for you and your unique business needs. If, for example, you don’t have time to unload packages at all, it’s possible to book pickup services. Need picking and packing services in a specialized, heat-controlled warehouse? We’ve got you covered, with zero stress and zero phone calls. Make a free account with us today to browse all our offerings and see all prices up front so you never have to worry.


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