Business Basics: What exactly is kitting?

By Oleg Mikhailenko
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June 17, 2022
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Business Basics: What exactly is kitting?

While scrolling through warehousing and fulfillment partners and their lists of service offerings, you might come across something known as product kitting. If you go searching for a kitting definition, you’re almost certain to find one, but a good amount of them are overly confusing and unclear. We’re bringing it back to basics so new merchants can avoid confusion and ecommerce pros have a handy reference to look back on. Read on for an explanation of kitting and fulfillment services, a vital part of your business.

What is kitting in warehouse terms?

So how do you define kitting? Put simply, it’s an inventory technique where different but related products are packed together and shipped as a single unit. This saves on the shipping costs of sending out the individual items, and can help move products that don’t sell quite as much by bundling them with the bestsellers. Think about subscription boxes, for instance. These mystery boxes are an excellent example of kitting product for sale as a single whole, and can work either for a single retailer or across multiple retailers. For instance, if you’re selling cookies, you can make a small sampler box of three of your bestsellers and two options that are a bit more niche. Or, you can collaborate with other sellers to create a box with all of your products inside, giving customers the opportunity to try more for less.

Benefits of kitting

3PLs and merchants alike find many benefits in bundling products together. Warehouse efficiency goes up, streamlining the picking and packing process significantly. Now, instead of having to retrieve multiple individual items, only grabbing a singular kit is necessary. This in turn translates into lower labor costs for both your fulfillment partner and lower prices for you, the seller. Shipping speed is also increased. Simply by virtue of only having to pick up a single kit, workers are able to get right down to business, sending out parcels to your awaiting customers at lightning speed.

Where can you find kitting fulfillment services?

Kitting services aren’t difficult to come by when you know where to look. On P2Pseller, we allow you to filter by warehousing fulfillment partners that provide full kitting meaning you’ll never have to wonder if the company you’re looking at will be able to meet your unique business needs. Whether you’re hoping to make sampler sets, subscription boxes, gift sets, or something else completely out of your imagination, we’re proud to have your back. Register a free account with us today to browse the full extent of our offerings and see how we can help you grow your business bigger and better than ever before.


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