Business Basics: Customer service best practices

By Oleg Mikhailenko
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June 17, 2022
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Business Basics: Customer service best practices

You may have the coolest product, the most modern website, and the most eye-catching marketing campaign, but if your customer service is lacking, your ecommerce venture might be doomed before it gets off the ground. After all, 96% of customers claim that customer service is an integral part to either making or breaking their loyalty to any given brand. But never fear. It’s not difficult to consistently deliver customer satisfaction and provide the best client service on the market. Read on to discover how to consistently commit to high quality service delivery and improve customer service so you can maintain high degrees of loyalty and a good reputation in your field.

What is customer service, and why does it matter?

It’s a way to simplify your customers’ shopping journeys, solve problems, and answer any questions they might have. It’s a way to support the people who are most responsible for the health and success of your business. And what’s more, customers differentiate between brands by their mastery of customer service best practices. Delivering great customer service can make the difference between a customer buying from your brand only once, and returning again and again to buy from your shop. In the next section, we’ll present some good customer care tips to keep in your back pocket for when unexpected situations arise.

How do I take my customer service consistency from good to great?

It shouldn’t be complicated to learn how to improve on customer service. Developing excellent customer service delivery is mostly a matter of consistency, proactiveness, and meeting customers on their terms. By keeping these three mandates in mind, you’ll be in a much better position to handle any problems that come your way head-on.

First, proactiveness. It’s absolutely essential to know how you’ll solve common issues before they crop up. How long do your customers have to request a return or exchange? Who is responsible for shipping? What happens if a package gets lost? All these questions deserve a few minutes of your time to fully think through before you’re put on the spot to ensure you can provide the best customer support.

Second, it’s important to meet your buyer where they are. If they’re frustrated, it’s important to acknowledge their frustration before attempting to determine which solution works best for them. Understand that they’re only interested in getting the product they paid for. They don’t necessarily have all the information about fulfillment, supply chain interruptions, or other problems like you do.

Lastly, consistency. Have a plan in place for the maximum amount of time that can elapse before you address a question or complaint. Speedy service makes for buyers who feel attended to and like their business matters, and it makes a world of difference whether a customer receives an answer within four hours or four days! Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to be refreshing your email 24/7 to maintain good service delivery. No, indeed. In fact, many business owners choose to outsource their customer care operations for exactly this reason. For a small fee, you can have round-the-clock monitoring for whenever an issue crops up.

In conclusion

We here at P2Pseller are happy to present these customer service tactics to make your ecommerce selling life as smooth and simple as humanly possible. But in our opinion, good relations with your buyers begins with top-class fulfillment. The fewer delays there are, the fewer delays you’ll have to explain. Register a free account with us today to browse the full extent of our offerings and see what we can do for you and your business. We’d be ecstatic to partner with you and have you on board for the ecommerce revolution.


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