Boxes and mailers for free? Yes indeed!

By Oleg Mikhailenko
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June 10, 2022
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Boxes and mailers for free? Yes indeed!

You’ve just started your ecommerce endeavor. You’re excited. Feeling prepared, even. You’ve gotten your products designed, manufactured, and ready to fulfill. You’ve quality tested some samples to make sure they’re up to your high standards and expectations. You have a deal worked out with a courier company, letting you take a percentage off the cost of delivery in exchange for using them exclusively. You can relax. You’ve gotten everything taken care of. But just as you sit down in your comfortable chair to enjoy some much-deserved coffee and an episode of your favorite show, a wave of panic shoots through you. You completely forgot about the shipping box. What will you do? Your items can’t simply be sent without any protection. They need shipping envelopes or shipping mailers to travel in to make sure they arrive at your customer safe and sound. What’s a newbie ecommerce merchant to do?

Never fear. Small shipping boxes, large shipping boxes, and other forms of mailing supply don’t have to eat into your budget.  There’s ways to get shipping supplies on the cheap. It’s even possible to get mailers boxes and envelopes absolutely free, meaning more money on your bottom line that you can use to put back into your business and grow it even bigger. How, exactly? Read on to hear the full story.

Where to get free boxes?

Free shipping boxes can be found at all three major American courier companies, often wrapped up in the price of delivery itself. If you choose flat-rate delivery, the price of the container and any packing material is automatically factored into the price, meaning there’s no additional fee to buy the package itself. Offering free shipping supplies is just common business sense on the part of the courier- cardboard is cheap and it doesn’t make sense to alienate potential customers by charging an arm and a leg for what really amounts to some thick paper. Many courier services also offer free shipping labels, negating another potential source of cost for your business. All you have to do is pay the price of delivery and the label is provided free of charge.

What if I want something aside from cardboard?

There’s options for you, too. Shipping packages doesn’t have to be as expensive as you feared. A USPS bubble mailer, as an example, comes in a pack of 24 at 35 dollars. That’s just over a dollar a mailer when you do the division. Of course, there are also options where the cost of shipping mailers is included, if you can’t spare that expense and want a package free from hidden fees. Dunnage such as recycled paper is usually provided free of charge, but when it comes to more specialized material such as styrofoam pellets you may have to pay an additional fee.

Is there another place to get boxes for shipping?

Large and small mailing boxes, or rather containers that can be repurposed into such, can often be found at big box stores. Simply ask an employee if they have any that they’re willing to get rid of. Oftentimes they’ll hand them over totally free. These are often large crates or containers more suitable for moving house than anything else, but can definitely get the job done in a pinch. Your customers might even think it’s cute your products arrive in a repurposed orange crate, especially if you announce a commitment to using reused and recycled materials on your website. Your frugality could turn into a major selling point for your website and your business.

In conclusion

Packing supplies don’t have to eat into your bottom line. There are ways to get cost-effective and even totally free solutions that work excellently for your products and your company. But once you’ve got your materials all sorted out, are you totally prepared to deliver your merchandise to your customer? P2Pseller’s got your back. We’re bringing about the ecommerce revolution by offering a democratic, decentralized fulfillment marketplace. Register a free account with us today to browse our full catalog of warehousing partners with absolutely zero commitment required on your end. If you do find something you like, we show all prices up front, with zero stress, zero phone calls, and zero hidden fees. We’re ecstatic to partner with you and help you grow your business bigger and better than ever before.


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