Amazon lineup: Seller Central vs. Vendor Central

By Oleg Mikhailenko
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June 17, 2022
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Amazon lineup: Seller Central vs. Vendor Central

So you’ve decided to sell with one of the biggest ecommerce players in the game. Good decision! Amazon’s marketplace is one of the most dominant selling forces on the planet, connecting hundreds of millions of daily customers with merchants offering awesome products. Having a presence there is often just good business sense, especially in this day and age. But things aren’t always as simple as they seem. Although the experience for the consumer is seamless, the seller often has a few things they need to learn before they’re able to hit the ground running.

For instance, what is Amazon seller central, and how is it different from the vendor central program? And is the difference especially important for the individual Amazon seller? Do you have to be worried about accidentally picking the wrong program and having to start from scratch, potentially out hundreds or thousands of dollars? Worry not. All these questions will be answered, and hopefully you’ll get some peace of mind out of the whole deal, as well.

What is Seller Central?

Let’s say, hypothetically, you were just starting to sell with Amazon. Whether you choose an FBA (where Amazon takes care of the fulfillment process for you) or FBM (where fulfillment is carried out by yourself) option, you’ll likely be running everything through Seller Central. This means you’re considered a third-party seller. This is regardless of whether you choose FBA or FBM- as Amazon itself isn’t selling the products, you use the web interface designed for external merchants.

What is Vendor Central?

If you’re using Vendor Central Amazon has bought your products from you wholesale and is now selling them on their own behalf. This means that you’re considered less of an external merchant and more of a supplier or wholesaler providing Amazon with necessary products. A telltale sign that a company ships through Vendor Central is the byline “ships from and sold by Amazon”. And for a little added peace of mind- registration is by invitation only, so you never have to worry about signing up for the wrong service.

Why go for one over the other?

There’s a number of pros and cons associated with both services. Which Amazon business seller program is best worth your time is heavily based on your unique business needs, as well as the niche you’re interested in filling. If you’re interested in simplifying matters and selling directly through Amazon, Vendor Central might be best for you. Customers will view your products as being sold by the ecommerce juggernaut, offering a certain degree of faith in your items that might take you months or even years to build on your own. What’s more, it simplifies your operations significantly and allows you to use enhanced A+ detail pages. On the other hand, you lose a lot of control over the pricing of your merchandise, and Amazon’s strict logistics requirements are no joke.

Seller Central, meanwhile, allows you to maintain a greater deal of autonomy. This is both a freedom and a responsibility- not only do you have the option to manage fulfillment, pricing, and logistics, you have no choice but to figure these things out. You may also experience lower sales, as studies show that products labeled as ‘shipped by Amazon’ outsell even FBA offerings. The choice is yours.

In conclusion

If you’re going to sell through one of the biggest marketplaces in the world, it’s well worth getting all the information you can beforehand before making a definitive choice, to make sure you don’t regret anything later. We here at P2Pseller believe that information is king, and want you to have as much data to work off of as possible, up front. Register a free account with us today to see what we can do for you. We’d be ecstatic to partner with you and bring about an open and democratized ecommerce revolution.


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